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How to Use Author

At Codecademy, we use Author to create and publish content on a user-friendly interface. In these onboarding slides, you'll learn how to use our in-house content management system, Author. Please complete the following tasks:

Getting Started

To get started, you must gain access to Author.

  1. Your organization's Account Manager needs to log into Codecademy and visit the business admin tool.
  2. Once in the business admin tool, your Account Manager can grant access to Author with the role of either "Team Member + Author" or "Account Manager + Author".
    granting a role in the business admin tool
  3. When your access is granted, you will receive an invitation (via email) to join your Codecademy team. Accept this invitation.
    invitation to verify email address
  4. Visit to log into Author and get started!

Now that you're logged in, it's time to get acquainted with Author's UI:

Icon Description
Home icon Use the Home icon in Author to navigate back to the Author homepage.
Search icon Use the Search icon in Author to find specific content with keywords and filter results.
Browse icon Use the Browse icon in Author to browse all the practice content created and published.
Create New icon Use the Create New icon to create a new content item draft. Remember, each new content item must have a unique slug!

On the Author homepage, you'll see that you can toggle between a view of recent open drafts and items that you've favorited.

Recent drafts dropdown


If you run into any issues using the Author tool, please inform your Account Manager.