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An informational is a content item that can contain:

  • text
  • code blocks
  • embedded images and videos

An informational's intended use is to provide context for learning throughout a course or Path. They may be used for various purposes, but Codecademy authors often use them to provide contextual information, learning outcomes, additional resources, or expectations.

Fields in Author

All of the following fields are required in Author:

Under the Content tab:

  • Informational Text: The body of the informational. This field supports Markdown.
  • Description: This creates a meta-description of the informational.

Under the Attributes tab:

  • Credited Authors: The creator(s) of the informational.
  • Minutes to Complete: An estimate on time required by an average learner to complete the informational.

The following field requires no action on your part:

  • Access Control Toggle: Curriculum developers use this field to determine whether a Free or Pro audience has access to this informational. You can ignore this.


Here are a couple examples of informationals: