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Recommended Content by Role

Below are some of the most common business use cases we've seen and our recommended content for each. We expect that most, but not all, of the recommended content will be helpful for a given use case.

To view this content at a more granular level, take a look at this spreadsheet.

Index of Roles

Full-Stack Engineer

Engineering onboarding can be time-consuming and take up valuable time for more senior engineers. The content below can help get your new team members up to speed with a common engineering stack.

Track Name Track Slug Track Description
Learn React react-101 Build powerful interactive applications with React, a popular JavaScript library.
Learn Redux learn-redux Enhance your React applications with Redux, a popular state-management library.
Learn React Testing learn-react-testing Begin testing quickly with Jest and simplify component testing with React Testing Library.
Learn React Router learn-react-router Do you have the basics of React down and are ready to take the next step? Advance your React skills with React Router.
Build a Back-End with Node/Express.js becp-build-a-back-end-with-node-express-js Learn about the popular back-end environment, Node.js and how to create back-end servers and APIs in JavaScript using the popular Express.js
User Authentication & Authorization in Express user-authentication-authorization-express In this course, you'll learn how to implement User Authentication and Authorization in an Express web application.
Introduction to Cybersecurity introduction-to-cybersecurity Start learning about cybersecurity! This course will cover a range of introductory cybersecurity topics.


If your team needs just enough technical knowledge to talk the talk, this content should be helpful. Our Code Foundations course is an excellent introduction to coding concepts for learners that don't need to write code themselves but do need to understand the basics. We've also included a few introductory languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python), but we recommend only picking one or two of them.

Track Name Track Slug Track Description
Learn How to Code learn-how-to-code Learn key programming concepts in this language agnostic course without writing any code!
Learn HTML learn-html Learn the basics of HTML5 and start building & editing web pages.
Learn CSS learn-css Learn how to style and visually organize HTML with CSS.
Learn JavaScript introduction-to-javascript Learn the JavaScript fundamentals you'll need for front-end or back-end development.
Python for Data Analytics cfb-python-for-data-analytics Learn the basics of Python 3, including input/output, control flow, lists, loops, and functions.
Learn Git learn-git Learn to save and manage different versions of your code projects with this essential tool.

Data or BI Analyst

This content is intended for varied levels of BI or Data Analysts and other data-adjacent roles.

Track Name Track Slug Track Description
Getting Started with Data Analytics dacp-getting-started-with-data-analytics Start with a quick introduction to Data Analytics: what it is, how it works, and how it drives data-driven decision making.

Variable Types stats-variable-types Learn about variable types and how to store them in Python.
Writing Basic Queries analyze-data-sql-query-data Write your own queries to access data and apply your SQL knowledge to complete real-world projects.
Calculating Aggregates analyze-data-sql-calculate-and-summarize-data Increase the number of tools in your SQL toolset by learning about aggregates, then apply them to datasets to discover new insights.
Joining Multiple Tables analyze-data-sql-join-data Expand your abilities by joining multiple sources of data.
Going Off-Platform analyze-data-sql-go-off-platform Set up a SQL database on your own computer and practice the commands you've learned.
BI Dashboards with Tableau bi-dashboards-with-tableau Communicate your data findings more effectively—build visually appealing, interactive business intelligence (BI) dashboards with Tableau.
Communicating Data Analysis Findings dacp-communicating-data-analysis-findings Communication is an important part of your work as a data analyst.
Python for Data Analytics cfb-python-for-data-analytics Learn the basics of Python 3, including input/output, control flow, lists, loops, and functions.
Data Manipulation with Pandas dscp-data-manipulation-with-pandas Gain an overview of data manipulation and data analysis with pandas, and introduce Python lambda functions.
Getting Started with EDA cfb-getting-started-with-eda Get started with exploratory data analysis (EDA), a helpful framework for making sense of data.
Summary Statistics for Quantitative Data stats-summary-statistics-for-quantitative-data Learn how to summarize quantitative data in Python using summary statistics.
Visualizing a Distribution of Quantitative Data stats-visualizing-a-distribution-of-quantitative-data Learn how to visualize and describe a distribution of quantitative data using histograms, box plots, and quantiles/quartiles.
Summary Statistics for Categorical Data stats-summary-statistics-for-categorical-data Learn how to summarize categorical variables in Python using numerical summary statistics.
Visualizing Categorical Data stats-visualizing-a-distribution-of-categorical-data Learn how to visualize and describe categorical data using bar charts and pie charts.
Summarize a Single Feature cfb-summarize-a-single-feature Learn how to explore a single feature in a dataset using summary statistics and simple data visualizations.
Associations between Variables stats-associations-between-variables Learn how to investigate whether there is an association between two variables.
Relationships between Two or More Variables cfb-relationships-between-two-or-more-variables Learn about advanced data visualization techniques for exploratory data analysis (EDA) in Python.
Probability stats-probability Learn the fundamentals of probability by investigating random events.
Hypothesis Testing stats-hypothesis-testing Learn about hypothesis testing and how to design an experiment in Python.
Linear Regression stats-linear-regression Learn how to fit, interpret, and compare linear regression models in Python.