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Module Production

Creating a Module

Click on the "+" button.


Then select "Module".


In the dialog that pops up, enter the name of the Module. The slug will populate automatically, but you can also change it manually. Slugs can't contain whitespaces and they must be unique.

New Module Dialog

After clicking the "Create" button, you'll be presented with the screen for creating a Module:


To add a content item, click on the "Add+" button at the top right:


Then, enter the slug of the content item you want to add in text field, and click on the content item to add it to the "Content Item List".


Once content items have been added, they can be deleted and reordered:


Once you have added the content items that you want, add copy for the "Card Description" and "Landing Page" fields.


Finally, save and commit your changes.


You now have a published Module that you can use in your custom Tracks. If you want to change the name of the Module, you can do so by clicking on "Attributes"