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This section outlines the different kinds of containers for content in Author and how they relate to each other. Containers are the highest level of organization, and each individual article must be in a container to be visible to users.

Container Hierarchy

There are 3 different kinds of containers available in Author:

  • Paths
  • Tracks
  • Modules

A Path is the highest level container. It contains one or more Tracks. Each Track contains one or more Modules. Each Module contains any number of content items including articles, quizzes, lessons, and projects.


The diagram above shows a section of the syllabus for the Codecademy Path "Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI". The first Track in the Path is "iOS and Swift Foundations". That Track contains three Modules — in this case, the expanded Module is named "Hello World". The "Hello World" Module contains three content items.

When building your own containers, you can use content that your have created yourself as well as Codecademy content.

Creating a Custom Path

Using Author, you can build your own custom Paths. You can assign users to custom Paths just like any other Path already on Codecademy.

To create a Path with all custom content, you must first create the Modules, then create the Tracks. You can also combine custom-created content with any existing content items, Modules, and Tracks in the Codecademy catalog.