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Cloning Containers

The easiest way to customize existing Codecademy content is by using the cloning feature. Cloning a path will give you a new path, specific to your organization, that where you can add, edit and reorder content.

To clone a path or course, first click on the clone button:


A modal will appear asking you to confirm. Note that each container can only be cloned once:


You will then be brought to the new path or course that you cloned:


In the Attributes tab, you can see where the content was originally cloned from:


With a cloned path, you can add new tracks and reorder or remove them. Because the tracks are cloned as well, you can also add, reorder and remove modules. The modules are cloned as well, so you can add, remove and reorder content items. The content items are all mainted by Codecademy, so you are not able to edit those directly.