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Multiple Choice Assessments


A multiple choice assessment contains a question stem and 2 or more answer choices, of which only one can be correct. It optionally may also include an image or a code block to accompany the question stem.

Fields in Author

  • Prompt: The required text of the quiz question itself.
  • Code Block: Assessments can contain optional syntax or code.
  • Responses: All multiple choice assessments should have 2 to 4 answer options. These are automatically randomized every time a learner sees the assessment. One response must be marked as the correct response.
  • Reason: The feedback text that displays after a learner has selected an answer. All answers require reasoning to clarify why the answer is correct or incorrect.
  • Learning Standard List (optional): Codecademy curriculum developers use this field to associate an assessment with multiple learning standards. You can ignore this field.

Additional Resources

Here's a tutorial on creating a Multiple Choice Assessment.

Here's a live example.