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Codecademy Teams+ Documentation

Welcome, one and all, to the home of Codecademy Teams+ Documentation. Here you will learn:

  • what our content is
  • how to curate it
  • how to make your own content
  • how to use our tooling

To navigate the documents, use the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page.


  1. Tooling

    This section will walk you through how to use our CMS, Author.

  2. Content Hierarchy

    This section will cover the basic structure of content at Codecademy, including the hierarchy of content containers.

  3. Curating Content

    This section provides recommendations and best practices related to curation of existing Codecademy content.

  4. Containers

    This section includes an overview of content containers (Modules, Tracks/Courses, and Paths) and documentation on how to build each in Author.

  5. Creating Content

    This lengthy section includes our Markdown Guide and guidance on creating informationals, articles, and assessments within Author.